Board of Directors

Syed Qassim Naveed Qamar
Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh

"Invite and encourage potential investors and entrepreneurs to the province and expand their business with their expertise and knowledge to explore the possibility of having a strong foothold for establishing an agglomerate for enterprise development in Sindh"

Syed Hasan Naqvi
Chairman- Planning and Development Board
Government of Sindh

"Encourage investments in the SME sector, inculcate entrepreneurial ability and provide a major push to the wider agro-economy of Sindh"

Syed Mansoor Abbas Rizvi
Secretary To Government of Sindh
Investment Department

"We want to create a business model to face the challenges of an ever-evolving investment environment, reinforcing consistency in capital growth and higher returns for our investors and shareholders"

Mr. Asif Ikram
Secretary to Government of Sindh
Information Science & Technology Department

"Investment environment, reinforcing information and technology to compete with modern ways and overcome absolute practices"

Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Mahesar
Secretary to Government of Sindh
Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department

"Development of agri-economy and sustainable economic growth through modernization of agri-bussines sector of Sindh."

Mr. Tameezuddin Khero
Secretary to Government of Sindh
Livestock & Fisheries Department

"Developing value chain by brining in new technology to preserve aqua environment and development of livestock through enhancing and improving overall value chain"

Mr. Zainulabedin Shah
Advisor to Minister for Information Science & Technology
Independent Member

"Developing value chain through technology and effective methods for sustainable and effective growth, introducing modern ways of farming and production"

Mr. Abdul Rahim Suriya
Corporate Governance Expert and Former President ICAP
Independent Member

"Creating linkages and developing Agri-economy through financial support (KIBOR subsidy) for farmers and processors."

Mr. Kabool Muhammad Khatian
Chairman, Left Bank canals, (AWB)(SIDA), Badin
Independent Member

"Promote opportunities for value addition in the agriculture sector for multiple economic benefits on growth, intermediary services and productivity"

Mr. Khizar Pervaiz
Chief Executive Officer
Sindh Enterprise Development Fund

"Promoting opportunities in Agri value chains, Mining Mineral processing, and Innovation & Technology for multiple economic benefits on growth, intermediary services, and productivity, interventions to improve efficiency and profitability"