Success Stories

SEDF Success Stories 

Dairy & Livestock  

Introduced modern dairy & livestock farming ensuring better milk yield & compliance with Bio Safety standards with an objective to cater to overseas market needs. Provision of financial support to establish mechanized offal processing line in compliance with international market standards. Provision of financial support for vacuum based packaging technology for meat products enhancing shelf life as per international SPS standards.

Rice Processing Mills  

Replacement of obsolete machinery and Provision of color sorting and silky polisher machine would enable greater value addition opportunity in rural areas envisaging wider international market access.

Balancing, Modernization, Replacement Scheme for Rice Husking Mills in Sindh

SEDF in collaboration with State Bank of Pakistan, financial institutions and other stakeholders has devised the said scheme which offers financing up to Rs. 17 mn @ 2% and entails 30% credit guarantee to financial institutions.

Environment Controlled Poultry Sheds, Breeder Farms and Egg Pasteurization Unit

Such projects will bring efficiency, modern practices & enhance bio-safety standards in poultry sector.

Environment Controlled Cold Storage

The project envisages temperature controlled cold store for export of perishable commodities enabling bulk transit facility and ease of cold cargo handling at Jinnah International Airport Karachi.

Subsidized Financing for Red Chilli Growers in Kunri and adjoining Areas:

SEDF has facilitated various interventions in the red chilli value chain in collaboration with various players in the sector which are as follows:

  • Training of 2,000 growers of red chilli in Kunri & adjoining areas leading to improved on farm practices, basic post-harvest handling to reduce contamination therefore better crop quality.
  • Common facility de-hydration unit set up by Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority SMEDA to enable near farm value addition thereby supporting rural economy.
  • SEDF in collaboration with Pakistan Agriculture Coalition (PAC) has arranged to provide subsidized financing for red chilli growers with HBL and other banks.
  • Simultaneously, red chilli growers have been linked to Commodities Exchange of Pakistan to provide much needed market access to farmers/growers.
  • Buyers Platform by local buyers have also been established to allow walk-in purchases which earlier only catered to contractually bound farmers.
  • SGS has established pre-shipment inspection laboratory in Kunri to facilitate export shipments and Agility has established warehouse to provide logistics in Kunri.
  • Subsidization of e-trading fee to growers/sellers for trading red chilli online at E-Trading Platform established by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX). SEDF have provided total subsidy of Rs. 30 million (Approx.) against e-trading fee for 6,000 tons of Red Chilli for two Seasons.

The above interventions have strengthened farmer economically, have provided a boost to ailing rural economy and the red chilli value chain is up-graded along modern lines.

SEDF is following cluster approach in various value chains of the agri economy making strategic interventions keeping the Seed to Shelf concept.

It is currently working on establishment of Tissue Culture Laboratory for Banana and other fruit varieties to provide disease free baby plants for improved quality and greater yield

A modern Dates Processing plant is being established at Khairpur Agro-Special Economic Zone to produce international quality dates as good agricultural practices.

Egg Pasteurization unit is being established in joint venture with Frisian Egg, Netherland to be able to produce egg liquid as per international practice enabling exports of egg liquid which other is not allowed.

SEDF has been able to facilitate Semi Intensive Shrimp Farming along the coast at Gharo which will produce farmed shrimp for export as well as domestic market thus setting its foothold in the multi billion dollar seafood industry globally.


Rice International Pvt. Ltd

Barkat Frisian Pasteurized Egg Company Ltd

Pioneer Industries (Environmentally Controlled Poultry Sheds)

Red Chilies Sorting

Organic Meat Company Limited

Dairyland Farms Automated Milking 

Electronic Beam Irradiation Plant

Organic Meat Company Limited

Semi Intensive Shrimp Farming

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Control Atmospheric Cold Storage

Dairyland Farms Automated Milking