Agro-processing Projects

Agro-processing Projects

Dates Processing Plant Project at Khairpur

A MoU between Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), Pakistan Horticulture Development Company (PHDEC) and Agriculture Department Government of Sindh has been signed on July 30, 2010 for the Dates Processing Plant Project at District Khairpur.

The project is proposed to be offered as Public Private Partnership (PPP) venture to the private sector to be developed in District Khairpur in the Dates growing area.

The project will have a capacity to process 3000 – 3500 million tons of Dates annually estimated to require a capital input of Rs. 91.37 million.

The planning and execution of the Project will be done jointly by the parties with the selected private partner whereas the operations will be under the management of selected private sector partner.

The financing of the projects proposed as follows:
  • Rs. 20 million by PHDEC to be interest free loan to be paid back in 3-5 years
  • Rs. 30 million bank loan – KIBOR part of interest to be paid by GOS through SEDF
  • Rs. 20 – 30 million to be invested by the private investor