Poultry Sector Projects

Project Name                 :   Marhaba Protein Farms

Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Khuda Baksh (Director)

Project Location            :   Taluka Jhando Mari, District Tando Allahyar

No. of Employees (direct & indirect)         :   45

Project Size                    :   Rs.350 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.21 Million

Bank                                  :   Bank Al Habib Limited.

Project Overview

Marhaba Protein Farms is a modern, environment controlled poultry breeder farm for parent stock of 70,000 birds. M. Wali Group is the sponsor of the project who has over 3 decades of experience in agri-processing and poultry sector

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

Marhaba Protein Farms are being provided a financial assistance of Rs. 21 Million against the total project cost of Rs.350 Million for setting up 3 breeder poultry sheds for broiler chicken near Tando Allahyar with stock capacity of 70,000 pure line parent stock birds. This will ensure the supply of the fertile eggs to commercial hatcheries in Sindh. This will also reduce the dependency of getting DOCs (Day Old Chick) f rom Punjab. The Project is located in Tando Allahyar in a locality where Bio-safety standards can easily be maintained. The project now serve as a successful demonstrative model for the potential investors who wants to invest in poultry sector. In 2016 , Sindh had four broiler breeder farms which could not supply required number of Day Old Chicks (DOCs) to broiler farms. As a result, more than 90% DOCs were supplied from Punjab, which led to price fluctuations of Rs. 8 to R s . 8 0  per chick. This called for investment in breeder farms in Sindh, so that, broiler farms are supplied f rom local production mitigating steep price fluctuations.

Project Name                 :   Barkat Frisian Pasteurized Egg Company (Pvt.)Limited.

 Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Muhammad Adil Ali (CEO)

Project Location          :    Bin Qasim Industrial Park, Karachi (2.5 acres)

No. of Employees (direct & indirect)         :   45

Project Size                    :   Rs.270 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.17 Million

Bank                                  :   Meezan Bank Ltd.

Project Overview

Barkat Frisian Pasteurised Egg Company Pvt. Limited. (BFPEC) is an egg breaking and pasteurizing unit, which has entered in a joint venture with a Netherlands based organization having facilities in China, Egypt an d Netherlands. BFPEC are the pioneer egg processing plant in the province of Sindh. BFPEC are solidifying, salted and powdered egg items for industrial consumers and export, mainly Gulf States and to other countries as well.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

SEDF has provided financial assistance of Rs.17 Million to BFPEC. to establish first ever state of the art egg processing plant in Bin Qasim Industrial Park , Karachi, encompassing an area of 2.5 acres. BFPEC has the latest technology of separating egg yolk f rom egg white. The technology made it possible to preserve egg yolk and egg white for three weeks up to one year. The products are being pasteurised which leads to food safe egg products, to be used by local food and confectionery companies. Egg shell and egg membrane which becomes a bi-product of this process, will also be used in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries, which is an additional incentive of this plant. SEDF’s support for the project has also encouraged BFPEC to introduce value addition in the poultry sector with products such as whole egg pasteurised liquid, egg yolk pasteurised liquid, egg white pasteurised liquid, sugar and salt blended products and f rozen & f resh products with high level of hygiene and food safety. Plant adheres to the international food and bio-safety standards thus, qualify for export to gulf and other markets. It started production in may 2019.

Project Name                 :   Ispahani Foods

 Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Mirza Kareem Ispahani

Project Location            :   Gharo, Karachi

No. of Employees (direct & indirect)         :   30

Project Size                    :   Rs.115 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.9 Million

Bank                                  :   MCB


Project Overview

Ispahani Foods has an environment controlled poultry shed i.e., equipped with automatic chain feeding and nipple drinking systems that helps mitigate heat stress, biosafety hazard , feed conversion in efficiency and mortality. An ecologically safe poultry farm at a site, measuring about 16 acres in Gharo near Karachi. The project

has been envisaged by Ispahani Foods in order to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the livestock sector. The total capacity of this project is 120,000 birds/flock. Ispahani Foods has planned to build two sheds, which are to be erected in two stages. The first stage entailed the building of one shed with a capacity of 60,000 birds, followed by a second stage, which will comprise of the construction of a shed to accommodate another 60,000 birds. The project has been based on two sheds consisting of two houses each, making four houses in total. The purpose of situating the project site at an isolated location, is to make it less susceptible to risk of disease. Further, the proximity of the farm to Gharo would facilitate procurement of bird feed and sale of mature birds. Ispahani Foods aims to establish itself as a full-fledged food processing company in the long term.

Project Name                 :   Pioneer Feed Industries

 Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Allah Baksh (COO)

Project Location            :   Deh Sipki Jagir, Tapa Shahpur Taluka and District Matiari

No. of Employees (direct & indirect)         :   30

Project Size                    :   Rs.150 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.10 Million

Bank                                  :   Bank Al-Habib Ltd.

Project Overview

Pioneer Feed Industries has established an environment controlled poultry shed of 120,000 broiler birds per flock capacity at Deh Sipki, district Matiari. M/s M. Wali Group is the major sponsor for this project, having pervasive experience in agriculture processing and poultry sector since last 3 decades.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

 SEDF has provided financial assistance of Rs.10 Million to Pioneer Feed Industries. The project has brought enormous results as the mortality rate has dropped from 20% 25% to 3%-5%. Furthermore, wastage of food has reduced as feeding lines are installed in poultry shed and birds can get the food any time they, need which is hygienic and better than the traditional poultry farms where feed is being provided in open air on the floor. It has also reduced environmental pollution and is commercially viable.

Project Name                 :   Rijas Farms (Pvt.) Limited.

 Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Ahsan Shehzad (Director)

Project Location            :   Near Baqai University, GadapTown, Distt. Malir

No. of Employees (direct & indirect)         :   20

Project Size                    :   Rs.75 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.5 Million

Bank                                  :   JS Bank Ltd.


Project Overview

Rijas Farms has established a 46,000 birds per flocks environment controlled shed in 2011. In order to achieve economies of scale they plan to setup and enhance their installed capacity upto 150,000 birds per flock. Rijas Farms is located near Baqai University, Gaddap Town. Initially they have started their operations with one environment controlled shed of 46 , 000 birds per flock and has produced approximately 17 flocks of birds.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

 SEDF has provided assistance of Rs.5 Million to Rijas Farms to expand their environment controlled poultry shed by one double storey building besides their existing shed which enabled them to enhance their capacity to a total of 150,000 broiler birds per flock.