Maize Milling and Processing Projects

Project Name                    :   Reliance Exim (Pvt.) Limited.

 Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Muhammad Farrukh

Project Location               :   Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi

Project Size                       :   Rs.170 Million

SEDF Assistance              :   Rs.13.1 Million

Bank                                  :   Faysal Bank Limited

Project Overview

Reliance Exim Pvt. Ltd. was established to setup a maize-milling plant and grain storage systems in North Western Industrial Zone, at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi. To process 30,000 metric tons of maize. The business model is to export 70% of the processed product and supply the remaining 30% to the local market with an owned brand name. This will motivate and encourage farmers to cultivate maize as a cash crop in the province.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

SEDF has approved financial assistance of Rs.13.1 Million to Reliance Exim (Pvt). Limited. The company is also installing a grain storage system from Dehsetiler, Turkey. This storage system has four Grain Bin and Storage Silos installed with capacity to store 10,500 metric tons of corn. This system will then have overall storage capacity of 10,000 metric tons of maize without any risk of damage to quality of grains. The risk free storage is possible by controlling temperature, moisture, insect damage and mold.