Horticulture Projects

 Project Name             : Bloom Agritech (Pvt.) Limited

Owner(s)                       : Mr. Ahmed Nini

Project Location          : Nooriabadi, Karachi

No. of Employees (direct & indirect)      : 30

Project Size                  Rs.122 million

SEDF Assistance        :   Rs. 70 million

Bank                              :  Bank AL Habib Limited

Project Overview

Depleting water resources calls for innovative solutions for future of agri-sector. Hydroponics is a modern farming technique that enables farmers to cultivate off-season fruits and vegetables with lesser amount of land and water resources, it is an efficient use of scarce Agri-Resources.

The Bloom Agritech (Pvt.) Limited will revolutionize the traditional agriculture model in Pakistan. The approach could be broken down into two keys areas:

  • First, Bloom is set-up a hydroponic greenhouse facility to provide off-season vegetables to the local market.
  • Secondly, Bloom will engage local farmers to buy their produce, grade and package it for both local and exports markets. The greenhouse facility will be built in Nooriabad, Sindh.


Bloom’s greenhouse is equipped with automated climate control system which ensures that regardless of the weather patterns, it will maintain the optimum temperature and humidity across the greenhouse. These system are also connected to the cloud, which will ensure that all the data is logged onto a remote system, as well as provide visibility into the farm from anywhere. Bloom has hired services of UAE based greenhouse contracting company that has vast experience of building greenhouses in the U.A.E. Climate control system has been purchased from leasing company based in California, while dosing system are sourced from New Zealand.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact:

Bloom has also setup delivery center within the city of Karachi and launched online operations to serve smaller customers once the production is established. By going direct to consumer, the company has ensured that they provide the customers hygienic and fresh fruits and vegetables.