6th Edition of Emirates Dates Palm Festival (EDPF-2012) planned to be held in Abu Dhabi from 26th November to 1st December 2012 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.



EIDPF 2012 will focus on Dates suppliers, Dates factories, Dates by-products, Dates processing, Dates Farmers, Dates food products & derivatives. On the sidelines of this event seminars and workshops with focus on the Date market challenges and opportunities will also be organized

Sindh is major producer of Dates in Pakistan and Sindh contributes around 50% of Dates produced in Pakistan of which Khairpur has a share of around 90% in the Province. Pakistan produces more than 300 varieties of Dates fruits and it is among the largest commercial fruit of Sindh.

In order to promote true potential of Sindh’s Dates production, increased export and value addition; Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), GoS intend to participate in said event along with representatives of growers & exporters. The purpose of participation is to promote potential of Dates palms and related industry of Sindh in international market.

All expenses of the visits (airfare, boarding and lodging) will be borne by delegates. However Stall Space will be procured and fabricated by SBI.

Nominations for Registration should reach SBI office latest by 10th October 2012 for making it convenient to become part of said delegation.

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