a) Personal Details

  1. Credit worthiness ascertained by Bank
  2. NIC Verification
  3. Applicant should not be blacklisted by any Government Department

b) Investor Profile

  1. Profile of the recipient’s company/individual (Up-gradation from basic industry or new entrant). Up-gradation proposal will be given subsidy for the Plant, Machinery & Equipment only, whereas, for new entrant civil work can also be included.
  2. Income Tax/Wealth Tax Return (If Available)
  3. NTN Certificates

c) Project Details

  1. Proposal evaluation on the basis of priority sectors, introducing value addition, scoring criteria/due diligence by Appraisal Committee & creation of employment.
  2. Project Implementation Timelines.
  3. SEDF will not cover the cost of animals except imported livestock and their embryos. Electronic Identification Tag to be applied to monitor the quantity of animals.
  4. Upon receipt of confirmation of disbursement of loan to the applicant, SEDF’s Bank will issue a letter of comfort for payment of KIBOR portion to the lending Bank.
  5. Minimum 30% Equity participation by applicant.
  6. SEDF financial support shall not be extended to projects valuing more than USD 03 Million or equivalent amount in PKR
  7. SEDF provides credit assistance to the projects initially for 03 years extendable by another 02 years, upon satisfactory performance review by SEDF’s Board.
  8. SEDF may also pay to the extent only of 100% KIBOR of the Capital Cost and 50% of KIBOR for Working Capital.
  9. SEDF shall assist in Match Making of the potential investors with the designated Banks for extending loans.
  10. The total monetary value of the SEDF interest subsidy shall not exceed PKR. 50 Million.
  11. Project site should be visited prior to case approval and a survey report must be submitted verifying ground situation.
  12. The ownership of the land proposed by the project shall be verified by the District Revenue Authority.
  13. The projects would be reviewed annually to evaluate their performance against the given criteria.