E-Beam Irradiaton Project

Project Name                 :   Pak Electron Beam Irradiation (Pvt.) Limited

 Owner(s)                           : Mr. Muhammad Riaz Chaudry (CEO)

Project Location            :   North Zone, Port Qasim, Karachi

Project Size                    :   Rs.350 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.30 Million

Bank                                  :   HBL


Project Overview

Pak Electron Beam Irradiation (Pvt.) Limited is an Electron Beam Accelerator Plant for Irradiation of Pharma and Food Products is now the only irradiation plant in Sindh. Before the inception of the project, the only gamma irradiation plant in the country was in the province of Punjab i.e., PARAS Foods (Pvt.) Limited. Moreover this p r o j e c t has boost exports of perishable items by increasing their shelf life f rom 7 to 14 days and quality control inspection has also resulted in better quality of the products.