Pakistan is ranked 5th largest producer of Dates in the World





Land Under Cultivation









tons (60%)

 90% of produce is Exported to India in form of Dry Dates (Chuwara)

 Famous varieties cultivated:

-Aseel                                       -Karbalian

 Dhakki                                    -Begum Jangi

 Halawi                                    -Rabie

 Zahidi                                     -Fasli


Pakistan is 5th largest Dates producer in the world with an annual production of 530,000 tons. 55% of this exotic fruit is produced in Sindh mainly in Khairpur and adjoining districts which is one of the densest Date palm population of the world.

In International markets, fresh Dates earn US$ 3,500 to 4,500 per ton, whereas Pakistani Dates fetch a meager value of US$ 700 per ton approximately. There is a dire need to bring in technology, best practices and international standard packaging to achieve the real economic potential of this fruit. Since the harvesting of dates coincides with the monsoon season in Sindh. at times, there are chances of crop destruction due to rains. It has been estimated that around 35% to 40% are pre and post-harvest losses suffered by the stake holders. When crop is harvested, there are no cold stores to preserve this crop in ambient conditions to get better market value. SEDF has provided technical and financial assistance to Sachal Food Processing ( PVT ) Limited to establish a modern Date processing unit along with a cold store to serve as a model facility in the region, instilling best practices in the Dates processing and storage. SEDF is also making efforts in development of a tissue culture laboratory, so that commercially viable date palm verities can be made available to the farmers locally. 

Investment Opportunities:

Dates sector offers huge investment opportunities in a number of ways. Drying units and Dehydrating Units are the need of the hour to save the crop from rain destruction. Dry Dates form a major part of Dates exports. Dehydrating Units can be installed for making hygienic dry Dates to get better revenues. Processing Units can bring in huge difference in the overall quality of the produce and can yield better per ton price. Cold Storage facilities can substantially enhance the capacity of farmers and traders for finding the appropriate market and get better prices in due time. Value addition is one area where viable investments can be done. This area offers opportunities from micro investments to mega investment for entrepreneurs with multiple investment potentials

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