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Project Name                  :   Sachal Food Processing(Pvt.) Limited

Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Abdul Karim Qureshi / Mr. Zafar Hasan Bakhtiari

Project Location             :   Khairpur Special Economic Zone (KSEZ)\

Project Size                      :   Rs.200 Million

SEDF Assistance             :   Rs.13.5 Million

Institution                         :   Pak Brunei Investment Company

Project Overview

Sachal Food Processing (Pvt.) Limited (SFP) is a modern Date processing unit along with a cold store facility. SFP will drastically improve the traditional dates’ dehydration practice of spreading out dates in an open fields for 6 full days to only 6-8 hours. SFP will adopte international food safety and handling practices to improve the quality of the product.  The capacity of this plant is around 200 tons per month (26 working days). The plant is envisioned to produce 8 tons of processed dates per day.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

An assistance of Rs. 13.5 Million is being provided to SFP. The company will install a cold storage unit with maximum capacity of 1,800 tons. It is situated on 6 acres of land at Khairpur Special Economic Zone (KSEZ). This project will introduce popular varieties like Medjool, Duglat Noor and others at a large scale and train the farmers on improved farm practices.