liveStock & Dairy Sector

Livestock Sector of Pakistan contributes:

  • Agriculture (value addition) – 60 %
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – 11.53 %
  • Employment – 8 million Families

Total Meat Production of Pakistan is approximately 4.9 million tons (Beef 2.3 million and Mutton 0.8 million)

  • Over 2 million Hides/Skin are produced annually, used by Leather Industry
  • Pakistan Exports Livestock products worth 1.5 billion US$
  • Pakistan is ranked 4th in milk production of the World
  • Pakistan has World’s 4th largest livestock herd with over 200 million animals:

Species                                Herd Size(in million)


Cattle                                       51.5

Cattle                                       42.4

Sheep                                       31.6

Goat                                         80.3

Camel                                      1.1

Horse                                       0.4

Asses                                       5.6

Mule                                        0.2

  • Global Trade of Halal products is around US$ 3.0 trillion in global Halal markets, in which Pakistan has only US$ 29 million.


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Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

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Dairy and Livestock is another significant cluster in the agri-economy of the province of Sindh. Although, Pakistan stands out as the 4th largest milk producer, but due to presence of various challenges in the postproduction handling, a significant volume of milk is lost. We have not been

able to realize the true potential of this cluster as we are yet to develop high-end value-added products such as Mozzarella Cheese, Flavored Milk & Yogurt and others.

This sector contributes 11.53% to GDP. There are roughly 8 million people employed within this industry. Over the last five years, domestic and foreign investment in dairy farms and the dairy processing sector in Pakistan amount to more than $870 million over the last five years.

SEDF is striving to develop modern dairy farms that can develop their own brand milk and value-added products. Efforts are underway to develop the allied industry like animal feed, health, and other such areas. Slaughterhouses are encouraged to introduce Offal processing line to improve their profitability.