Livestock & Dairy Sector Projects

Project Name : Dairyland (Pvt.) Limited
Owner(s) : Mr. Suleman Manno /
Mr. Khurshid Akhtar
Project Location : Dhabeji, Karachi
No. of Employees
(direct & indirect) : 150
Project Size : Rs.180 Million
SEDF Assistance : Rs.19 Million
Bank : Habib Metropolitan Bank

Project Overview

Dairyland (Pvt.) Limited is a leading brand in the dairy sector with operations running successfully across the country. Dairyland is a progressive and fast-growing company, well known for its high quality and nourishing products. It is a major supplier of value added dairy products. It introduced modern dairy farming, ensuring better milk yield & compliance with bio-safety


SEDF’s Assistance Impact

SEDF has provide an assistance of Rs.19 Million for integration of automatic milking parlor. Thus, milk is collected using optimal hygienic conditions. No hormonal injections or antibiotics are given to the cows, ensuring pure, fresh, and wholesome milk, free from side effects. The project has also generated direct employment of 300 people & indirect employment of 200 people.