Cotton Sector

Project Name                 :   NS Industries

 Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Ajay Kumar

Project Location            :   Thari Mirwah, Nawab Shah Road, Khairpur Mir’s

No. of Employees(direct & indirect)         :   25

Project Size                    :   Rs.105 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.7 Million

Bank                                  :   NBP


Project Overview

NS Industries has experience of more than 15 years in the cotton ginning f ield. The project has a new ginning, pressing, and oil mill at Nawab Shah Road, District Khairpur at an area of 12 acres.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

 SEDF has provided assistance of Rs.7 Million to NS Industries. The project has produced 30,000 bales and 5,000 mounds of oil extracted last year, and g e n e r a te d employment for 15 skilled/semi-skilled persons for operation and maintenance of the plant.

Project Name                 :   Sain Mere Hyder Shah Oil Mills

 Owner(s)                          :   Mr. Dileep Kumar

Project Location            :   Akri Chowdagi, Taluka Thari Mirwah, Distt. Khairpur Mir’s

No. of Employees

(direct & indirect)         :   25

Project Size                    :   Rs.95 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.6.5 Million

Bank                                  :   NBP

Project Overview

Sain Mere Hyder Shah Oil Mills is a Ginning, Delinting and Oil Extraction Plant having cotton ginning capacity of 30 , 000 bales and 5, 000 mounds of oil extraction annually. Factory is located at Akri Chowdagi, taluka Thari Mirwah, district Khairpur Mir’s.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

 SEDF has provided a f inancial assistance of Rs.6.5 Million to Sain Mere Hyder Shah Oil Mills that helped the completion of the project and resulting in p r o v i d i n g employment opportunities in the area. One of the many advantages for the p r o j e c t was availability of labour in the area and the development of plant which benef ited many families by providing employment and provided opportunity of trade to small businesses of raw materials and f inished goods in town.

Project Name                 :   Mashallah Oil Mills

 Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Mirch Laal

Project Location            :   Deh Chak No. 5, Saleh Pat Tehsil, Distt. Sukkur

No. of Employees (direct & indirect)         :   15

Project Size                    :   Rs.35 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.2 Million

Bank                                  :   NBP

Project Overview

Mashallah Oil Mills is an oil extraction unit that extracts oil f rom Cotton and other Seeds. The project is located in Distt. Sukkur.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

SEDF has provided assistance of Rs.2 Million to Mashallah Oil Mills for the project which has expanded by installing a new unit with modern energy efficient machinery, which resulted in cost effectiveness and improved the quality of oil and seed cake produced. The modern plant and machinery has enhanced production capacity by 20% and reduced abnormal operational losses by 15%. This expansion has generated employment and stimulated value addition activity in the area. Further this unit wi l l pave the way for up-gradation of other units in the region

Project Name                 :   National Seeds Venture

 Owner(s)                           :   Mr. Ghulam Rabbani Khilji

Project Location            :   S.I.T.E Area, Kotri

No. of Employees (direct & indirect)         :   45

Project Size                    :   Rs.170 Million

SEDF Assistance          :   Rs.23 Million

Bank                                  :   HBL

Project Overview

National Seeds Venture has setup a ginning, delinting and oil extraction mill in S.I.T.E Area Kotri, possessing cotton ginning capacity of 200 metric tons per day.

SEDF’s Assistance Impact

Financial assistance of Rs.23 Million has been approved for National Seeds Venture. The project includes a delinting machine, which is the f irst of its kind in our province and will provide raw material for a Chemi Visco Fiber Plant in Shaheed Benazirabad, which was non operational due to unavailability of raw material. National Seeds Venture also aims to install a high-tech delinting plant to produce cotton linter. It is crucial to mention that conventionally, the cotton seed is crushed as it is, resulting in wastage of linterin the oil cake. Delinted oil cake will have a high percent of protei n a s compared to non-delinted oil cake.


Pakistan is producing f ine quality cotton but unfortunately failed to extract its true potentials. Country’s total exports of cotton (US$ 3.5 billion) and allied textile products (US$ 9.73 billion) are far less than what can be achieved through modernization of this sector. Need for value addition and tapping high-end markets is the key to develop this sector.

Cotton flower consists of 37% spin cotton and 63% cotton seed plus linter. Currently, cotton seed is inefficiently pressed for low-yield oil extraction ( 8 %-10 %) and the by product cotton cake (khaali) is used as animal feed which also includes f ine f iber – linter not suitable for animal consumption. Ideally, linter can be processed for extracting high-yielding viscosity pulp, alpha cellulose (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Micro Crystalline Cellulose), Rayon fiber, viscosefiber and after extraction of linter, remaining cotton seed can be used for high yielding solvent oil extraction (18%-20%). SEDF is striving to introduce modern value added processing in Sindh