Message from the Chief Minister Sindh

With an aim of creating an enabling environment that allows our beloved province, Sindh, to progress rapidly and realize its true economic potential, the Sindh Government places the highest priority on investment facilitation.

The creation of Investment Department is not only a manifestation but also a testimony of the Sindh Government’s commitment to bring about the necessary improvements to the investment climate in our province.

Investment Department’s mandate is to create investment opportunities for investors’ across the board, which includes technical assistance and support in conducting market research and developing feasibility studies.

Another testimony of the Sindh Government’s commitment to the equitable development of the province is the signing of US$ 1 billion coal-mining project in Thar, which is the biggest joint venture in the history of Pakistan. Furthermore, Government of Sindh is committed to provide support to agriculture, dairy and livestock sector which has great untapped potential that can only be utilized through close collaboration between financial institutions, business industry and rural farmers.

Sindh Enterprise Development Fund is yet another demonstration of the Sindh Government’s commitment to enhance economic and developmental activity in Sindh that aims to provide subsidies to private sector initiatives in agro-processing, fisheries, livestock and dairy sector.

Sindh Government remains steadfast in its goal of bringing prosperity to the people of Sindh by the creation of jobs and bringing about real economic enhancements through facilitating investment and business.