Technical Assistance for Establishing Horticulture Processing Plants in Sindh


SEDF is in the process of procuring Consultancy Services to facilitate the private sector to establish Food-Processing Plants which includes supply chain units such as cold storages and packing units at strategic locations in the province and to support marketing of the strategic horticulture products towards the overall objective of boosting growth and job creation.

These processing plants, which are primarily to be undertaken through private sector investment with the Consultancy Services Assistance are expected to serve as a model facility attracting investors to set-up similar processing plants, to fulfill the huge gap that remains in the agro products supply chain and processing industry which can lead to exports to higher paying markets especially Middle East and Europe.

The following regions have been identified in terms of various Horticulture Products:

A.Sukkur Division: Dates, Banana and other horticulture products
B.Larkana Division: Guava,  Tomatoes and other horticulture products
C.Hyderabad/Mirpukhas/Karachi Divisions: Mango, Red Chilli, Tomatoes and other horticulture products