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July 27, 2010

Senior officials of SBI meet the High Commissioner of Malaysia, which was also attended by representatives of the business community of Karachi and the consul General of Malaysia.

Advisor to CM and Secretary Investment appraised the High Commission of the possibilities of collaboration of the Government  in various sectors of economy which included Halal Industry, Meat experts, Information Technology ,Tourism and Cosmetic Industry. High Commissioner of Malaysia His Excellency Mr. Mohammad Khalid Abdul Razak assured of his support to the proposals presented by SBI.


July 23, 2010

Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dhaga has meeting with American delegation on 23rd July, 2010 at SBI office, Karachi.

The delegation proposed Wind Energy Project with a capacity of 100 MW at Jhimper Gharo and showed up for collaboration from Government of Sindh. The Secretary while speaking to the attendees highlighted that SBI preferred minority shareholding  also he focused Sindh Government’s initiative of public- private partnership.

SBI also assured that if financing is available for the project, SBI would also intend to provide land allotment facilities to the potential investor. The Secretary also recommended the delegates to involve USAID, Donor agencies and OPIC in their proposed project for the purpose of public diligence.


July 23, 2010

CEO Pak Energy visit Sindh Board of Investment to meet Secretary Investment, Mr. Younus Dagha to discuss credit financing opportunities for Pak Energy captive power plant project at lakhra.

A brief session took place in which CEO Pak Energy discussed proposal for establishment of  2/50 MW coal Energy project at Lakhra. He proposed to inject equity through plant and equipment expenditure and requested SBI for investment facilitation regarding working capital debt financing arrangements for the project.

He also emphasized to start this project in collaboration with GASPROM and the total worth of the project will be 25 to 30 million dollars.

 SBI assured to move workable proposal for the “Revitalization of Lakhra project “ to Government of Sindh.


June 11, 2010

SBI has become a member of WAIPA (World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies). WAIPA is a forum to provide networking opportunities and facilitate the exchange of best practices in capacity-building and investment promotion. WAIPA consists of over 100 IPA’s (Investment Promotion Agencies). WAIPA provides range of activities for its members ranging from networking events, trainings and world investment publications. SBI intends to participate and gain knowledge from WAIPA and its members which can be implemented for enhancement of Investment promotion and facilitation services in the province and the country.

WAIPA has invited Secretary Investment Sindh, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha, to participate in the World Investment Conference 2010 at Buenos Aires, Argentina on 28-30 June 2010. SBI has prepared a video documentary and other material to introduce the investment opportunities in Sindh to the WAIPA members.


June 11, 2010

A meeting with M.D Coastal Community Development Project is held in the office of SBI on 11th June, 2010, under the Chairmanship of Secretary Investment.

The purpose of the meeting was to appraise with the working of the proposed project being carried out by the Managing Director Coastal Community Development Project (ADB Assisted Project)

A comprehensive Master Plan for the 350 KM coast line of Sindh is being carried out by the SBI and the main purpose of the meeting was to ensure avoiding duplicity.


June 4, 2010

A delegation of 2nd session of Pak-Vietnam Joint Ministerial Commission called on by Governor Sindh, Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad, which was also attended by Mr.Zubair Motiwala Advisor to CM Sindh on Investment .The delegation was headed by Deputy Minister for Industry and trade Mr. Le Duong Quang.

The delegation discussed areas of interests specifically regarding promotion of Trade, Investment, Science, Technology and Education.


June 3, 2010

A Korean delegation led by South Korean Government’s business advisor Mr. Byong Son Min proposed investment in social sector projects including energisation of rural health units. Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Investment, Mr. Zubair Motiwala informed Korean delegation about the investment opportunities for Korean Businessmen in Pakistan. Korean delegation leader said that Pakistan is full of natural, mineral and agriculture resources and Korea was also interested to make investment in dairy farming, livestock, agriculture, health and education.

Mr. Min said that the secret behind the success of Korea was the initiation of model projects in various sectors which were replicated many times. He said that Korean government wanted to initiate such model village projects in few villages of Sindh to improve socio-economic conditions of the people. Ms. Rara Jeon showed particular interest in outsourcing of South Korean IT business to Pakistani IT professionals.

The meeting was attended by Secretary Investment to Government of Sindh, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha and President Pak Korea Business Forum Mr. Ihsan Mukhtar Zubairi.


May 31, 2010

Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) and Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) initiated joint efforts to accelerate pace of Wind Power projects in Sindh. The joint meeting was convened by Secretary Investment Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha and AEDB Chairman Mr. Arif Allauddin, which was attended by District Coordination Officer (DCO) Thatta (Revenue), SSP Investigation (Thatta) and representatives from Wind Energy companies.
Mr. Dagha assured all kind of facilitation support for the execution of 12 AEDB projects for Wind Energy worth 1.6 Billion USD at Jhimpir. Each project will produce 50 MW with combined potential of producing 600 MW of renewable energy.

AEDB Chairman Mr. Arif Allauddin highlighted that new jobs will be created in interior Sindh through AEDB projects that will uplift standards of living for local communities. DCO Thatta assured his full support from local government for timely execution of these Projects in Sindh.



May 26, 2010

Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) Consultative Group extended full support for Modernization, Rehabilitation and Establishment of Khairpur Dates Sector. In a joint meeting of SBI Consultation group comprises of Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), Agri Support Fund (ASF), Trade & Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA), Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), Pakistan HorticultureDevelopment and Export Board (PHDEP) and District Government of Sindh held at Khairpur, Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha observed that bringing all stake holders at one platform created synergies in efforts for promoting agro processing industries in Sindh.

During the meeting, the participants underlined the Cold Storage (Supply Chain), Processing Plant, Framers Education and training, Infestation/ Disease Control, and various other measures to increase yield, as the potential areas where technological interventions are required to uplift the sector, as per international standard and best practices.

It was decided to go ahead with establishment of two demonstration projects of on-farm dates dehydration plants by ASF and PARC which will be operational in June 10-15, when seminars will be held jointly by the SBI Consultation Group inviting Dates farmers to see the demonstration projects.



May 26, 2010

Secretary Investment Mr. Younus Dagha assured that efforts will be made to establish the Dry Port in Sukkur on fast track basis. Meeting under the chairmanship of Sec Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha was held in the office of DCO Sukkur to improve investment related infrastructure in district that includes establishment of dry port which is an Economic Council of Cabinet (ECC) approved scheme.

President Sukkur Chamber of Commerce Mr. Muhammad Din called for revival of small industries and rehabilitation of SITE Sukkur. Progress made on establishment of export processing zone authority was also discussed in the meeting. Mr. Dagha assured full support from Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) to enhance investment in the agri-processing sector in Sukkur, to make effective use of its strategic location of being at the junction of three provinces.



May 24, 2010

Two of the Karachi Education City institutions have won the merit awards in recognition program, organized by Society of College and University Planning (SCUP), USA.

The emphasis put by the Sindh Board of Investment on the early development of universities/educational institutions in the Education City, had provided the required impetus to those institutions, which already had mobilized project teams. The encouragement of the Government of Sindh has led these institutions into working on fast track on the master planning of their projects.

Agha Khan University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences (AKU-FAS) and Habib University Foundations (HUF) completed the master planning of their campuses, to be developed in Education City, and submitted their plans in recognition program of Society of College and University Planning (SCUP) in USA. Both the institutions received distinctive recognition in the program, whereas, AKU-FAS received merit award in Planning of a Campus Component, and HUF for Planning of a New Campus.

Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Investment, Mr. Zubair Motiwala expressed that the educational campuses in Education City, while bringing in investments worth billions of dollars, would also enhance the quality of human resource, which is an essential input for economic growth and prosperity.



May 21, 2010

Sindh Board of investment (SBI) suggested that the Government needs to put on fast track the projects for gasification of Thar Coal as a low cost alternative to the depleting natural gas reserves in the country. This was stated by Secretary Investment Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha, during discussion with Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) officials who informed that the output from the current gas fields was expected to drop considerably in 2015.

In the meeting held at SBI, Chief Manager SSGC presented detailed analyses of the gap between demand and supply of gas available to the company.

Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Investment, Mr. Zubair Motiwala highlighted the importance of Karachi as the economic hub of Pakistan. He said that it is extremely important for economic prosperity of the country that Government took measures to shorten the gap between demand and supply of gas.



May 20, 2010

Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited (PBIC) team led by Ms. Ayesha Aziz, Managing Director, visited Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) to discuss ideas and proposals for collaboration between Government and banking industry for the promotion of agro processing industries.

Ms. Ayesha Aziz, introduced the vision of PBIC and emphasized that the government should back investment projects by developing infrastructure and acting as a guarantor for investors. She also complemented the success of Sindh Investment Conference 2010 and appreciated the steps taken by the Government of Sindh (GoS) and Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) to attract Investors and facilitate them through one-window solution.

PBIC informed about Brunei largest Livestock farm investment in Australia and proposed that SBI and GoS should be working on similar lines to establish such projects as there are vast opportunities in these sectors. The discussion also included the formation of Investment Advisory Board and Investment Opportunities in other sectors like Energy, Agriculture and Tourism.



May 13, 2010

Pak Kuwait Investment Company (PKIC) and Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) agreed to identify procedural hurdles for the improvement of agriculture financing. In a meeting chaired by Secretary Investment, Mr. Younus Dagha, PKIC & SBI agreed that broad based understanding for issues related to financing in agro based industries should be developed through continuous efforts between Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) and SBI.

Secretary SBI focused on the opportunity/gap in agro based industries that offers extraordinary returns. He also highlighted SBI efforts to create an advisory forum comprising of DFIs, Financial Institutions and Banks for government and industry regarding policy issues. PKIC appreciated SBI efforts to bring all financial institutions, Banks and DFIs on a single platform of Investment advisory forum to facilitate Investors.

SBI and PKIC agreed to make continuous efforts for identification of small interventions/projects that will lead towards future expansion activities in the agriculture sector. Proposals for collaboration between government and banking industry for promotion of agro processing industries were also discussed in the meeting.


May 12, 2010

A team of Samba Bank visits Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) on May 12, 2010. SBI team was led by Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha. During the meeting Mr. Dagha emphasized on developing forward links, viable business models and policy initiatives to boost agriculture sector of the economy.

Mr. Atif Subhani, Head of Investment Advisory, introduced Samba Bank as the biggest investment from Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. He discussed the reasons of reluctance of banking sector to invest in non traditional investment sectors like Agriculture and Livestock. He has also highlighted the role of Samba Bank in attracting Saudi Arabian investors in Pakistan.

Mr. Atif encouraged the idea of SBI for the formation of Investment Advisory Board and ensured the full support to SBI in this regard. The meeting was concluded with a mutual understanding that both SBI and Samba Bank will work on formulating road-map to expedite and channelized capital generation activities from agriculture sector.



May 06, 2010

A team of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) visited Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) office on May 06, 2010, to discuss their plan and to seek assistance from the Government of Sindh for a WTE (Waste-to-Energy) project at Cattle Colony Landhi.

The meeting was chaired by the Advisor to CM Sindh on Investment, Mr. Muhammad Zubair Motiwala which was also attended by the Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha and other officials of SBI, in which KESC gave a presentation over their proposed project of Bio-Gas plant with a capacity of generating 25MW from the animal waste of Cattle Colony Landhi. They also emphasized on the potential of their project to generate carbon credits.

SBI informed KESC representatives that there were interested investors which had floated such proposals earlier as well and the KESC proposal would be evaluated alongside all such alternate proposals with due process. In this regard a meeting with Landhi Cattle Colony stakeholders will also be conducted to get their views on such proposals and to devise mechanisms for workability of such projects.



May 5, 2010

A group discussion session between Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) representatives, alongwith Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha and representatives of Faysal Bank took place on May 5, 2010 at SBI office in Karachi. In the session, various options regarding policy endeavors and agricultural credit financing were discussed.

Both the sides agreed that to achieve sustainable growth in the economy, value addition in agricultural sector will have to be given the highest priority. There was a consensus that there was a need for greater interaction between the Government and the Banking Sector to develop appropriate financial products to enhance investment in the agro-based sectors such as livestock, dairy, agro-processing and fisheries. It was also agreed that a larger forum should be developed for deliberation on policy recommendation and advice to assist the Government and the Banking Sector in this direction.



May 3, 2010

A joint session of Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), Agri Support Fund (ASF), Small Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA), Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Board (PHDEB), and Secretary Agriculture held on 3rd May, 2010 at the SBI office in Karachi.

The meeting was convened by Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha to discuss the issues related to post harvest deficiencies in the value addition process of chillies, marketing of Red Chili Solar dryers, and the strategy for Red Chili promotion and value addition. It was also intended to gather all the relevant departments and agencies of Government of Sindh, working on agriculture promotion, on a single platform.

The Secretary Investment suggested ASF to formulate a punctual road map, strategy and marketing plan for “On Farm Solar Energy Dryers”, and recommended that they should provide technical support and training to the growers at the time of installation of dryers on the farms, and ensure that the moisture meter should be a part of solar dryers to increase convenience of the consumers.

Participants also agreed that a case study on Indian Chillies Drying and Processing Industry will be conducted that will be financially supported by ASF. Furthermore, SMEDA and ASF will make combined visits to the sites to gather real time information regarding improvements in value and quality of processed Chillies.

It was agreed that next meeting of the forum will be held at Mirpurkhas with the Chillies farmers.


April 28, 2010

Invest Capital Bank, partner of Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), in Sindh Investment Conference 2010 met with Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha, at SBI office in Karachi on April 28, 2010.

Mr. Rehan Ateeq, Deputy Chief Executive, Invest Capital bank discussed the current scenario of investment in Pakistan, especially in Sindh. He mentioned about their expertise in research work and willingness of Invest Capital Bank to work with SBI to attract investors in non conventional investment areas like agriculture, dairy and livestock through different products/projects that will highlight the investment incentives in Sindh. He proposed to have a presentation on Agri Business loan product before SBI in May 2010 which will highlight potential investment opportunities in Sindh.

Mr. Rehan ensured that the Invest Capital Bank will fully support SBI in formation of investment advisory board for policy making and recommendation.

British Deputy High Commissioner visits SBI

April 19, 2010

A meeting with British Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Robert Gibson was held at Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) office on April 19, 2010, where SBI team was led by Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha. Mr. Dagha briefed the High Commissioner about various Investment projects being initiated by SBI and the incentives offered to investors by the Government. SBI representatives also presented ideas and proposals for investment facilitation and collaboration between British Government and Government of Sindh.

The British High Commissioner showed keen interest in the project of Education City and Fisheries Special Economic Zone. He also assured of his support for Sindh Government efforts for advancement in alternate energy sector.

Mr. Gibson also offered the support of his mission in assisting SBI hold road shows in Britain in which the local Investment Promotion agencies could also facilitate.

The meeting concluded on vote of thanks and assurance of full support from British Government on the subject matter.


BRC to establish alternate fuel assembly unit in Pakistan

April 18, 2010

An Italian Firm (BRC) visited Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) to seek assistance in establishing alternate fuel (CNG Kit/Automobile Kits) assembly unit in Pakistan and the availability of incentives package from government on the proposed project. The meeting was chaired by Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha alongwith SBI team, to review their requirements and identify areas where SBI can facilitate BRC on their investment project.

The meeting was concluded with the assurance from SBI that they will facilitate BRC in finding suitable land at subsidized price for the plant in National Industrial Parks.


SBI & ASF will promote Red Chillies and Dates Processing Projects in Sindh

April 15, 2010

The representatives of Agri Support Fund (ASF) had a meeting with a team of Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), led by Secretary Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha, to discuss the ASF initiatives and projects for boosting agriculture sector in Sindh.

ASF team revealed the issues related to “Farmer Promotion and Capacity Building Program” initiated by ASF, and requested the assistance of Government of Sindh to achieve the targets of the program. They have also submitted a proposal of Solar Dryers for chilies which could bring substantial value addition in the chilies industry with very small technological interventions.

The participants of the meeting established mutual understanding to promote “Chilies Drying” and “Dates Processing” as the priority projects in Sindh. SBI also expressed its support to the ASF proposal of Solar Dryers and provision of ASF matching grant, which would in turn bring a huge rise in exports. The Secretary Investment suggested arranging meeting with stakeholders in Khairpur to promote solar dryers in the dates region.

The meeting was concluded with the understanding between SBI and ASF that they will formulate a proper marketing plan for the revival of Agri collaboration activities specifically related to drying and dehydration projects. Both the organizations will also organize small seminars and on ground sessions to mobilize farmers and growers to adopt latest technologies for attainment of economies of scale. It was also decided the issues being faced by ASF related to PMO, sector wise clutters, and global GAP certification will be resolved through mutual collaboration between Sindh Government, ASF & SBI.

SBI organizes successful Investment Conference

April 10, 2010

Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), led by Mr. Younus Dagha – Director General SBI and Mr. Muhammad Zubair Motiwala – Vice Chairman, SBI / Advisor to CM Sindh on Investment, organized an extremely successful investment conference on 10th April 2010 at Shereton hotel in Karachi.

The conference was attended by more than 800 participants including ministers and secretaries to provincial and federal government, diplomats, representatives of multinational companies, foreign and local eminent personalities from business and investment sectors.

The conference consisted of a series of presentations highlighting the readiness of Sindh for international and local investment. Experts of different sectors also delivered speeches urging the investors with huge opportunities in all sectors in the province.

Governor Sindh, Dr Ishratul Ibad Khan formally inaugurated the conference. He said that the Sindh province is rich in natural resources while there are huge business and investment opportunities.

Mr. Younus Dagha – DG SBI, highlighted the objectives of SBI, saying that it works to create the investment friendly environment to augment the industrial partnership for socio-economic development in the province. He added that the SBI is also working on providing a forum to share ideas, concepts and identify new business areas besides providing Public Private Partnership models.

Mr. Zubair Motiwala – Vice Chairman, SBI and Advisor to CM Sindh on Investment, also emphasized on investment potential in the province and urged the government to resolve the problems of new investors like land acquisition, energy shortage, etc.  He said despite the negative impression about Pakistan, there is also huge investment opportunity with huge profitability. Mr. Motiwala also added that the market demand for goods and services in Sindh is ample while its contiguity with the Middle East also makes it viable for investment to cater to the needs of trans-border markets. He pointed out that there was also an opportunity to reach the consumers of rural Sindh, as their purchasing power is lower than the ones in urban parts of the province, which needs enhancement, too.

The closing session was chaired by Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Qaim Ali Shah. He said that the one-window service by SBI would help the investors in making investments in different sectors of economy without any difficulties. Expressing astonishment, he said that he had been overwhelmed with huge presence of potential investors during the conference, and added that it would help develop the province, and Pakistan, into an industrialized state.

In the last session of the conference various potential investors signed five memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with the Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) for setting up alternative energy projects in the province.

CM backs Pak-Iran wind power project

March 26, 2010

‘Investors keen to explore Sindh's natural resources’

KARACHI: Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah assured full support to Pakistan-Iran wind power project Thursday saying the project proposal would be examined and the necessary land will be allotted to ensure fast implementation.

He was talking to a delegation of Iran-Pak Wind Power Limited, headed by its Chief Executive, Khurram Sayeed, who called on him here at Chief Minister House.

During the meeting, Khurram Sayeed apprised the Chief Minister of the proposed 50MW wind farm to be established in Sindh. This would be the first of its kind joint-venture among companies of Iran and Pakistan.
The project envisages sizable foreign investment in Sindh which on the one had will help alleviate power crisis while on the other create employment opportunities.

Khurram Sayeed informed the Chief Minister Sindh that they have already carried out a study of feasible sites at Thatta and Jamshoro districts and presented the report to Syed Qaim Ali Shah.

Ehsan Nadjafi, Director Iran-Pak Wind Power was also present on the occasion.
Later while attending a detailed presentation of Sindh Board of Investment at Chief Minister House, Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that Sindh possesses vast natural resources and many intending investors are offering to explore these resources through their investments.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah stressed the need to make arrangements for power generation and said that solar energy projects should also be encouraged so as to meet the challenges of power shortage. Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Investment, Zubair Motiwala and Secretary Investment, Muhammad Younis Dagha informed the meeting that previously Special Economic Zone Authority in the province was controlled by the Board of Investment (BOI) Pakistan, but now SEZ authority is totally being supervised by Government of Sindh along with its regulatory control. The meeting was informed that Sindh Investment Conference will be held on April 10, 2010 at a hotel here which will be attended by diplomats, multi-lateral agencies, multi-nationals, businessmen, agriculturists, academia, media, federal and provincial organisations.
It was further informed that the seminar will have the theme of Sindh's competitive advantage, success stories, joint ventures under Public- Private Partnership models (such as Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas, Education City, Marble City), Sindh's readiness to facilitate investors, and signing of MoUs.

It was decided that Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan will be requested to inaugurate the seminar while Chief Minister Sindh will be the chief guest at the closing session of the seminar.


Agro-based industries: President approached for 10-years tax exemption

26 March 2010

KARACHI : Sindh government has approached President Asif Ali Zardari to give 10 years tax exemption to agro based industries in Sindh, Sindh Minister for Industries and Commerce, Abdul Rauf Suiddiqui informed business community Speaking at launching ceremony of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) exhibition My Karachi- Oasis of Harmony at a local hotel on Wednesday night.

He said that he had give a suggestion to President and Prime Minister to give agro based and food industries tax fee status in Sindh. He said that tax exemption is necessary to encourage investors for establishing agro based industries in the province. He said that water supply for industrial zones Nooriabad and Hyderabad will start in next 8 months at a cost of Rs 18 billion.He advised business community to make plan of investing in interior of Sindh and establish industrial units in general and agro based industries in particular. Rauf Siddiqui said that the government would construct boundary wall around Site Super Highway industrial area for safety and security purpose of investors, workers and industrialists .He appreciated Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhan Muhammad Chaudhry for taking notice regarding environment hazard in industrial areas and his directive to industries and government for proper disposal of industrial waste.

ppreciating KCCI for holding its annual event regularly since last 6 years to portrait Karachi as peaceful city and economic hub of the country, he assured full support and assistance by the government of Sindh in this regard.

Governor of Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad and Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah were invited as chief gusts, but they did not turn up due to important engagements. Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on investment, Zubair Motiwala informed that the government of Sindh is holding an international investment seminar on April 10,2010 He said that Sindh Board of Investment has completed about 21 feasibility reports for investment opportunities in Sindh.

Leader of Businessmen Group (BMG) Siraj Kasim Teli said that Karachi was recognised and valued as diversified fastest growing city and a gateway for Central Asia. However, continuously its image was tarnished by way of adverse propaganda made by the Western media. President KCCI, Abdul Majid Haji Mohammad said that the chamber has designed 7th My-Karachi - Oasis of Harmony (2010) exhibition, to act as the avenue for interactive business-to-business linkages and business-to-consumer relationship. Abdul Majid said that this year KCCI had taken extra measures to organise the event in more vivid and stylish fashion.


Japan is planning to invest 15 Billion Yen in Motor cycle Plant in Sindh

25 March 2010

Japan is planning to invest 15 Billion Yen in Motor cycle Plant in Sindh. Plant will start working from the end of year. Production will be started from 2012. In the initial phase, 22 Thousand Motor cycles will be produced annually that will increase to 3 Million annually in 2020. 50 Thousand People will get employment opportunities. The company will establish Yamaha Safe Riding Science Institute. Government of Sindh has established Japan Special economic Zone to encourage the Japanese investment.

Mr. Zubair Motiwala, the Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Investment met a delegate of Japanese Company YAMAHA under the chairmanship of Nick Ohmura in premises of Sindh Board of Investment. Secretary/Director General Sindh Board of Investment, Mr. Younus  Dagha, Director General BOI Karachi, Ms. Nasreen Ali, members of the board and Mr. Feroz Shah Chairman Pak-Japan Business Council were also present at the event.

Japanese delegate told that they are ready to initiate hundred percent investments on Motor cycle Manufacturing plant and urged to start production work in the end of this year. 15 Billion Japanese Yen will be invested in the project. Until completion of the construction of plan in 2012, 22 Thousand Motor cycles will be manufactured that will increase to 3 Million annual productions till 2020. 2016 onwards, Pakistan would be able to export internally manufactured motor cycles to Asia, Latin America and African countries. In the beginning, 5% of spare parts will be manufactured in house. Till 2020, about 90 percent parts will be manufactured within the country. From the launch of Motor cycle production Plant in year 2010 to year 2020, the project will provide employment to 50 Thousand local people. Training will be provided to few of them in Japan as & when required.
Delegate informed the participants that YAMAHA motor cycle possess environment friendly Electronic Fuel Injector. Company will establish Yamaha Safe Riding Science Institute to educate about safe riding and traffic rules.
Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Investment proposed the delegate that Sindh Government is ready to provide 50 Acre land along with other facilities for manufacturing plant in Japan Special Economic Zone

Japanese delegate along with Secretary/ director General Sindh Board of Investment Mr Younus Dagha will visit Islamabad tomorrow to complete the requisites of the project. The delegate will meet Mr. Salim Mandviwala, the Federal Minister for Investment and Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Soomro, the Federal secretary for Production.


CM for boosting power projects to end energy crisis

25 March 2010

KARACHI, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that Sindh province possess vast natural resources, that is why many intending investors are offering to explore such resources through their investments.
This he observed while attending a detailed presentation by Sindh Board of Investment at Chief Minister House. Syed Qaim Ali Shah stressed the need to make efforts for power generation and said that solar energy projects should also be encouraged so as to meet the challenges of power shortages. Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Investments Zubair Motiwala and Secretary Investment Muhammad Younis Dagha informed the meeting that previously Special Economic Zone Authority in provinces was controlled by the BOI Pakistan but now SEZA is totally being supervised by the Sindh government and regulatory control is with Sindh government.
The meeting was informed that Sindh Investment Conference will be held on April 10, 2010 at a local hotel which will be attended by diplomats, multilateral agencies, multinationals, businessmen,  agriculturists, academia, media, federal and provincial organizations etc. It was further informed that the conference will have theme of Sindh's competitive advantage, success stories, join ventures under Public Private Partnership, models such as Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas, Education City, Marble City; Sindh's readiness to facilitate investors, singing of MOUs etc.
It was informed that sectors of agro-processing, aquaculture (fisheries), livestock, poultry and dairy, energy, stone and granite, low cost housing, urban development, municipal services, mass transit, tourism, special economic zones etc will be highlighted in the program.It was decided that Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad Khan will be requested to inaugurate the conference while Chief Minister Sindh will be the chief guest at the closing session of the seminar.

On the occasion, MoUs on PASDEC-Marble City , Trans Atlantic Energy - 35 MW wind farm on Dutch grant and Zarai Tarqiati Bank Limited on SDF support will be signed. The Chief Minister also stressed the need to approach the intending investors and they may be given necessary information about resources of the provinces. The meeting was also attended by Secretary to Chief Minister Sindh Syed Sohail Akbar Shah.


German firm to set up solar power plant at Bhambore

17 March 2010

KARACHI, Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister for Investment Muhammad Zubair Motiwala on Wednesday has said that the government is giving more incentives for getting investment in solar energy sector in order to meet electricity needs of Sindh province.
He said that a Germen company had shown interest in a project for generating 50 megawatts solar electricity in Bhambore; district Thatta, adding Sindh government would  allot 250 acres of land in this regard Zubair Motiwala said that a delegation of the Germen company would brief the federal government on the project and subsequently final shape would be given to it in a meeting of Sindh Investment Board, scheduled on 19th March. Delegation members along with Director General Sindh Investment Board will also visit the site of proposed project in Bhambore.



9 March 2010

KARACHI: Sindh is one of the strongest provinces for investment owing to Karachi that is the financial capital of Pakistan having Karachi Stock Exchange with market capitalization of $30.5 billion, listed capital of $9 billion and the nucleus of headquarters of major banks, financial institutions and business houses as well as emerging opportunities in energy sector.

This not only holds true of Sindh alone but also makes Pakistan as a whole a worthy destination for investment, said Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Investment in a seminar held by KCCI on “investment opportunities in Sindh” on Saturday.

Motiwala termed Sindh as the regional power house of the future encompassing the Thar Coal Resource with potential of 200,000 megawatt for 300 years, Wind Corridor having 50,000 megawatt potential, 56 per cent Oil and 71 per cent gas producer for Pakistan.

He said that Sindh holds large agricultural, industrial and aqua culture base, with agriculture sector contributing 23 per cent, large scale manufacturing 43 per cent and small scale manufacturing 25 per cent to GDP.

On the on-going investment projects, Motiwala informed about the Karachi Education City project, spread over 9,000 acres on both sides of link road between National & Super Highway having AKU, SIUT, ZABIST, SSUET, BIZTEK as stakeholders.

He also spoke of the Pak-Japan Special Economic Zone spread over 2,000 acres at Dhabeji being actively pursued with Government of Japan and the Japanese private sector for its development and relocation of Japanese businesses.

Besides, Hyderabad-Mirpur Khas Dual Carriageway, Khairpur Agro-Processing Zone, Textile City at Bin-Qasim, Marble-City Karachi will provide immense employment opportunities, boost exports and foreign exchange earning and will usher a new era of economic activity, he maintained.

He also highlighted the immense investment opportunities in wind energy farms, mines & minerals, urban transport, IT, services sector, livestock farming, dairy farming, aquaculture, fish and shrimp farming, horticulture processing and packaging whereby SBI is providing facilitation for land allocations, concessions and approvals from the Government and feasibility projects and business research in agro-processing and aquaculture sectors.

About overall investment perception in Pakistan he said that no MNC incurred a loss while doing business in Pakistan and OICCI perception survey 2009 depicts that over 74 per cent of foreign investors have shown interest in continuing to invest in Pakistan.

He stated that Pakistan has a liberal tariff regime, extending an enabling environment for investment opportunities, providing a coastline of 350 km with two major multipurpose ports, wide network of industrial estates and trained educated and affordable human resource.

Quoting the Japanese companies operating in Pakistan he said that they had had profitable operations for over 22 years without any difficulty in repartition of profits.

Also speaking about the role of Sindh Board of Investment he said that it has been established as the present government’s resolve to strengthen business environment in the province of Sindh and a principal Provincial Investment Agency to facilitate Foreign & Local Businesses committing to act as a bridge between the Government & the business community.



6 Feb 2010

KARACHI; The Sindh government has allotted a plot of land to Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) to establish Pakistan’s first ever Green University with the cost of $1 billion.

The Vice Chairman, Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) and Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh, Zubair Motiwala said that this is going largest ever single FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) by any investor in Sindh and if the project gets commissioned in 2014, it would be the remarkable success to the SBI in its endeavor to bring investment to the country.

The green university would be spread on a land of over 800 acres at Link Road, Gadap Town near Karachi where the provincial government has planned to set up Education City.

The constructed area of the proposed university would be approximately 200,000 meters, the biggest constructed area in any university in Pakistan, he said adding that the land allotted to the project has already been developed and the investors have already spent $40 million on lease of land, feasibility, construction of some laboratories, green-rooms and other amenities.

The Advisor further said that entire area of the proposed university would be smoke and pollution free and no vehicles would be allowed to enter inside and instead of that battery operated cars and trolleys would be used for the transport and logistics.

He said that if everything goes well, the fits batch from the university would pass out in 2020.

He said that global environment and several restrictions by the USA, EU, and other Western countries’ education institutions and their governments have made extremely difficult for the Pakistani student to study abroad and considering the situation foreign universities are willing to establish their campuses in the proposed Education City in Sindh, he said adding that foreign students would also be able to study in such universities including green university by AKF bringing the precious foreign exchange to the country.



13 Apr 2011

KARACHI; Sindh Board of Investment in collaboration with Halal industry Development Corporation (HDC) of Malaysia organized an International Halal Conference on 22nd of Marchí2011 and two fellow sessions on 23rd March, 2011 at local hotel in Karachi.

The Honorable CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah inaugurated the conference. CM Sindh applauded the efforts of Sindh Board of Investment for bringing awareness of the fast growing trillion dollar global Halal Industry. He further stated that this conference would take ahead the province and country towards higher international trade and industry and value addition industry.

The Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Investment, Mr. Mohammad Zubair Motiwala said that the conference was a manifestation of commitment of both SBI and HDC to successfully implement the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between SBI and HDC on 1st December, 2010 at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia for the development of Halal Sector in Pakistan. HDC is a Malaysian Agency responsible for promotion of Halal industry in Malaysia. He said that very soon HDC will be training Pakistanís institutions in Halal certification and registration we will be able to start certification of Halal products in the next couple of months.

The Secretary Investment/ Director General Sindh Board of Investment, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha in his presentation highlighted that Malaysia was one of the key players in global Halal Sectors and Pakistan would be one of those few Muslim countries which would have a legal structure to develop Halal industry and play due role in the trillion dollar Halal market which continuous to grow. Certification of Halal products will begin by the end of the year in Sindh with the help HDC of Malaysia, He said that SBI with assistance of HDC was also working on a proposal to develop a Halal Park with infrastructure to facilitate growth of Halal industry.

The Malaysian delegation was led by chairman HDC, Tan Sri Dato, CEO HDC Seri Jamil Bidin, Dr Syed Jalal-ud-din Syed Salim and other senior officials of HDC.The Malaysian delegation were optimistic of their alliance with SBI for Halal industry promotion.

Two follow up sessions discussing future course of action for regular framework and trade in Halal sector were also held on next day of seminar. The two days event received a very positive feedback from local business community as it provided a good opportunity for brain storming and consultation between the government officials, local businessmen and the Malaysian delegation. The Conference was widely attended by Foreign diplomats, Provincial and Federal Government officials and local businessmen.



13 Apr 2011

KARACHI; The Deputy High Commissioner for UK, Mr. Robert W. Gibson on completion of his assignment in Pakistan, paid a farewell visit to Sindh Board of Investment on 25th March, 2011. Mr. Zubair Motiwala and Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha received Mr. Gibson in SBIís office at FTC.

The Advisor to CM Sindh on Investment Mr. Mohammad Zubair Motiwala appreciated Mr. Gibsonís role during his tenure in Pakistan and desired to further strengthen the friendly relations between Pakistan and UK governments especially in the fields of Education and Energy.