Ease of Investment

    Ease of Investment
  • Reducing minimum foreign equity requirement for a project from US$ 0.5 million to US$ 0.3 million
  • Repatriation of 100% capital, profits, royalty, technology and franchise fees allowed.
  • Zero import duties on capital goods, plant and machinery and equipment not manufactured locally.
  • Enhanced First Year Allowance for depreciation from 50% to 75% of plant, machinery & equipment for infrastructure and agriculture projects
  • Zero-rated import tariff on agriculture machinery (not manufactured locally) for registered corporate agricultural projects.
  • Zero import duties on raw materials used in the production of exports.
  • Sindh Development Fund (SDF) for agro-based industries:
  • Subsidizes 100% KIBOR (Karachi Inter Bank Offer Rate) on Capital Cost
  • 50% KIBOR on Working Capital